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Elite Ceterers

Efo Riro asst

Efo Riro asst

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Efo Riro asst - £14.00


  • Ugwu leaves
  • Bell peppers (Tatashe)
  • Scotch bonnet (Rodo)
  • Palm Oil
  • Red onions
  • Assorted meats of your choice (Shaki, Kpomo, cow leg, smoked turkey or beef are ideal)
  • Dried stockfish (Panla)
  • Smoked cat fish
  • Locust beans (Iru)
  • raw/cooked prawns (Optional)
  • smoked prawns (Optional)
  • Knorr chicken cubes or any bullion cubes 
  • Ground Crayfish
  • Salt to taste
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